IDESA – Pressure vessels

T.B. Bergwerf B.V. has acted for IDESA (Ingenieria y Deseño Europeo S.A.) ever since it’s founding in 1993. IDESA is a leading European manufacturer of Pressure vessels and has delivered equipment to almost all leading EPC contractors as well as oil & gas companies throughout the world. The IDESA shops are located close to the sea port of Avilés nearby Gijón in the North-West of Spain. IDESA manufactures different types of Pressure vessels: drums, columns, reactors and towers medium sized to heavy up to 2000 tonnes and 15 meters diameter. The materials cover the complete range of carbon steel, stainless, high alloys, clad and weld-overlay. IDESA also manufactures shell & tube heat exchangers and holds a license from Lummus Technology Heat Transfer B.V. for the manufacturing of Helixchangers.

Vergaengineering s.p.a. – Fired Heaters

Since 20014 T.B. Bergwerf B.V. has acted for Vergaengineering in The Netherlands and Belgium. Vergaengineeering is a well reputed Italian engineering company, specialised in the engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of Fired Heaters as well as in revamping existing Fired Heaters for the oil & gas and petrochemical market. Vergaengineering supplies to leading EPC contractors and end customers around the world. Its global procurement, manufacturing and installation services are managed from its head office in Milan.

D’Hondt Thermal Solutions – Aircoolers

T.B. Bergwerf B.V. has acted as agent for D’Hondt Thermal Solutions in The Netherlands and Belgium since 2007. D’Hondt TS is part of the Grossmann Group and is based in the North of France. D’Hondt TS supplies to leading oil & gas and petrochemical companies around the world and has more than 50 years of experience in the engineering and manufacturing of Air cooler heat exchangers (Aircoolers) in various dimensions and materials for both onshore and offshore installations. In addition D’Hondt TS supplies spare bundles and other spare parts for existing Aircoolers. Apart from the French shop D’Hondt TS has shops in Jubail (S.A.), Gunsan (S Korea) and in St Petersburg (Russia).

BFF-AIT Stein logo Brown Fintube France S.A. – Hairpin heat exchangers

T.B. Bergwerf B.V. has acted for Brown Fintube France S.A. in The Netherlands & Belgium since 2008. Brown Fintube France is part of the AIT Group and has been established in France close to Lake Geneva, in 1965. Brown Fintube France specialises in the design and manufacturing of Multitube en Double pipe Hairpin heat exchangers. The equipment is supplied under the Fintech© trade mark and has been supplied to leading engineering companies and end customers around the world.

Manoir Industries – casting, forging and metal-processing

In 2016 T.B. Bergwerf BV has started to act for Manoir Industries in the NLs & Belgium. Manoir supplies products and services to the reforming- and cracking petrochemical market. The product range includes cast tubes, fittings and complete coils for reforming and cracking furnaces as well as cold collectors and transfer lines. Manoir has manufacturing shops in France, UK and China. Manoir AlloyServices® focuses on a wide range of services including expert metallurgic advice, welding supervision and field welding.

Christy Catalytics, LCC – Inert Supports, Refractory shapes, Tower packing, Internals

In 2018 T.B. Bergwerf B.V. has become the exclusive agent for American company Christy Catalytics, covering The Netherlands and Belgium. Christy Catalytics is a globally active supplier of a wide range of ceramic and alumina bed supports for fixed bed reactors filled with catalyst or adsorbents, refractory shapes for primary, secondary and Autothermal reformers and tower packing and internals for packed tower equipment. The company has been in continuous business since 1922. Christy products are produced in various facilities worldwide and the company maintains major product inventories in Rotterdam, Shanghai, and Houston to serve their global clientele. Markets served by Christy include natural gas processing, LNG, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, chemicals and metals processing.

Tank Aluminum Cover 

TAC LogoTank Aluminum Cover –Aluminum Domes, Roofs, Seals for storage tanks

T.B. Bergwerf B.V. has acted as exclusive Agent for Tank Aluminum Cover (TAC) in the Benelux since 2020. TAC is based in the south of Spain and is specialized in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of Aluminum Domes, Seals, Covers, Internal Floating Roofs, Drain Systems and Suctions. Since its founding in 2006 TAC has supplied equipment to markets for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Water throughout the world.